Guaranty Support Inc. (GSI)

ABOUT: GSI was incorporated in 2015 to provide various services relating to insurance insolvency support. It is an Illinois corporation with a principal place of business in Indianapolis, IN.

Our Vision and Mission Statement and Values

VISION: To be the resource for insolvency data handling. To be a cost effective and efficient option for guaranty funds and others to use for selected support services not considered among the core services offered by NCIGF.

MISSION: To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the state – based insolvency system when called upon by guaranty funds or receivers.


Low Cost, Highly Effective Operations. Through utilization of up-to-date technology, GSI continually strives to provide high quality, cost-effective value to those in the business of providing protection to policyholders, claimants, and other stakeholders in the event of an insurance company insolvency.

Supporting the Existing State Based Protection Mechanism. GSI exists to support and maximize the current state based system of insolvency management, and strives to make optimal tools available to make that system the most efficient and cost effective mechanism for policyholder protection.

GSI offers: Computer services, namely insurance insolvency data backup, storage, manipulation and retrieval, and web site hosting along with other support to the insolvency system.

For more information on GSI, please contact:

John Blatt, Executive Vice President
300 N Meridian St
Ste 1020
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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